Hey everyone!
I was too busy with the essays I have to write for university yesterday, so I didn't have the time to blog, sorry.
I finally found some time to deco my phone case! Have been wanting to do this since months but had to wait because of my wrist and also because I didn't have much free-time although I ordered the rhinestones a while ago. I decided to make a CHANEL logo on my white phone case, therefore I used black and silver stones:
 First I did the CHANEL logo which turned out quite good and took just around 30 minutes. I really love to deco, I could put rhinestones on every little thing I have, I also already thought about deco-ing my lamps or my TV. Yeah, I know I'm kinda crazy. I would also deco my whole house if I could (not a bad idea though.... /DDD).
The next day I did the rest and decided while deco-ing to change the design a bit so it looks a bit messy now, maybe I have to re-do it but after I finished it, I was quite satisfied. the whole deco took me around 3 hours. I used this case for the first time today and all of my fellow students loved it!
 The finished case
 How do you like it?

Omg, this deco post was on my ''Upcoming Posts'' list for months! I'm glad I finally did it although I know that I'm still late with so many other posts!
I really need to try to edit the video tutorial this week again so that i can finally post it (it took so much time to do it, I don't want it to be wasted...)



Malice said...

So professional looking. Classy!

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