New Year Resolutions & Hair-Style

Hey Guys!

University keeps me busy and the upcoming exams make me so nervous. I don't have much time for studying atm either and the learning matter is extremely comprehensive, so I'm about the freak out completely looking at the things in front of me without anyone who could really help me (●´・△・`)はぁ〜
Instead of studying my ass of now, I'll blog /DD Honestly, I still want to keep up with blogging cause it's like a nice for a change from time to time when things get to stressful. These are pics from a hair style I did for clubbing and which look I really liked, I still had all-brown hair, so there already from a month ago or so. Doesn't matter, here it is:

Side Look with some twists
I added some Suji-mori on the back and front but they're invisible on the pics /DD As you know, I have my hair two-tone now but I finally decided to dye it all red this weekend after thinking it over for a couple of weeks. I like the two-tone too but I want to have all-red since some time too (I'm kinda bored of brown again /DD).

Onto my 
 New Year Resolutions (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・ 
• Lose more weight - I want to reach my goal weight until I visit Japan again in August and maybe finally be happy with my body
Save as much money as possible - Still doesn't have my driver's license cause I never had the money to do it and I would like to start doing it this year AND I also want to save money for Japan for traveling and shopping (of course)
Get more confident - Which is a tough point for me, always struggling with that
Become a better blogger - I want to write more informative stuff on this blog as well as personal things
Spend more time with my friends - ...and take lots of pictures, enjoying the time with them!
Become a better student - Atm I feel like the most stupid person on the entire world /DD Therefore I need to study more, so that I can also be proud and confident of myself and my achievements

....these are just a few of my resolutions for 2012. What are yours?

Gonna study now, wish you all a nice evening o(^◇^)/~ ばいちゃ~♪

Oh, btw - I reached the 700 follower mark, thank you all very much!!! To thank you for that, I'll have a new giveaway soon! Look forward to it, it'll be soooo great /DD

Lots of love♥


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