Food in Japan

Hey everyone,

I don't have lectures today and so I'm at home preparing for the next exams. While I searched for an university paper I found some pictures from my trip to Tokyo in 2012 and I realized that I never really shared all pictures, especially all the food pictures.

So I thought why not sharing it with you now since it still looks yummy! I miss Japan so much and I'm so jealous of everyone who has the chance to live there. Although I might have the chance in future too, I probably have to stay in Germany for a while till then. Nevertheless I plan to go on a 3-week trip next spring since I've never experienced the cherry blossom season in real life! Can't wait! 

Until then I have to be satisfied with my memories in pictures and movies. I hope I can survive till then!

My favorites: Cheese Katsu Kare from Cocoichi, Omuraisu, Takoyaki (my absolute favorite!) & Karaage. This might be the complete different to healthy eating but all of these dishes are to die for!

Some other meals & even the food on the plane was tasty! And the bakery on the top right had the best cheesecake I ever tried!  

I think I never ate more delicious salads than in Japan, it's like they have the best combinations of flavors and ingredients!

My friend and I went to the Gyoza Stadium in Ikebukuro once and tried all these yummy versions of Gyoza!  

 And of course all the sweets! Haven't been anywhere they serve such amazing sweets as well! Can' wait to eat traditional sweets (Wagashi) during the Sakura season next year!

I hope I didn't make you too hungry and you liked these pictures! Wishing you a nice week!

Lots of love



Hey everyone!

How have you been? I quite happy to be able to write a blog post again since I have been busy again for weeks. But I luckily made the decision to quit my part-time job after realizing that it takes away all my power and makes me tired and well, it just got to the point where working filled my life and nothing more. I'm so happy I made this decision although I won't be able to save that much money again. After meeting my friends today and enjoying coffee while sitting in the sun made me think that this was definitely the right decision. So here I am. I haven't had a free Saturday for more than 1 1/2 years, so I'm still a bit unsure what do to with my new free-time today.

Last weekend I went to Hamburg and it was pretty nice as well, extremely crowded, but nice. I didn't buy anything big, but I ordered sunglasses after I came back and I hope they'll arrive asap so I can show them! 

Apart from that I actually spent a lot of days sick at home, without make-up on or anythings, so there isn't anything exciting to report. I have three weeks left at University and then I have two months to finish my bachelor thesis which is great cause I can arrange my time for myself. I'm already planning everything which makes me super excited! 
The new Blog layout will be online pretty soon as well and I can't wait to show you! All I need now is a good header shot which is not really easy since I feel like a truck rolled over me.

Anyways, the sun is shining beautifully, looks like spring is about to come! I wish you all a nice weekend and I'm off now to go the grocery store for our Okonomiyaki dinner tonight!

Lots of love


Inspired by - Olivia Lopez

Hey everyone!

I finally handed in all papers and also got through a quite tough oral exam last week and now I have a few days where I don't have to do anything! Haven't had this for ages so I really enjoyed it - slept late, had a huge breakfast, looked through fashion blogs, drank lots of coffee and now I'm about to watch a movie accompanied by caramel popcorn and black tea.

Because of being so busy lately again, I don't have any pictures to share but instead I stumbled about a new fashion blog a while ago and got so into it that I thought - why not sharing it?

I got a huge girl crush on black-haired girls like Nicole Warne, CL and especially Lee Hyori (I'm obsessed with her). Actually I planned to change my hair to a light ombré look for spring but I think I will stay all dark for a little more time.

So, I discovered this blog with one more super beautiful black-haired woman called Olivia Lopez. Her looks are edgy yet elegant and I love how she combines her outfits so effortlessly. Her hair is to die for, that's why I decided to stay dark-haired although I doubt that I look half as good as she does with it! You should definitely check out her blog if you haven't already! lusttforlife.com

All pictures belong to Olivia Lopez from lustforlife.com


My first Michael Kors!

I have been very busy lately again, university started again on Monday and next week I have to hand in one paper as well as a presentation making me nervous just thinking about it now. Apart from that I seriously can't believe that this is my last time at university. After the end of this semester I will start writing my bachelor thesis until the end of May and then I'm done! Well at least done with all the studying, I will officially graduate in August/September but the rest of this study will be all at the company.

Anyways, I decided to instead of spending money for cheap and low-quality things a lot, save a little more and spend it once a month on something high-quality. This is what I did now when I bought my  first Michael Kors watch. I thought about buying one for months but I was always too much of a chicken of spending that many bucks on a watch (I think they're way more expensive in Germany than in the US). In the end I finally got one last week after struggling of which one to take for weeks. I think I found the perfect one for me, so say hello to my cutie-pie over here:


Jewelry Inspiration

Pictures taken from @songofstyle and Tumblr

I wish I had more money to invest in beautiful high-quality jewelry. I love earrings but I always buy cheap costume jewelry which mostly doesn't last that long and since I haven't had a watch for years, I decided to use my next salary to buy myself a Michael Kors watch (in fact, the one on the top left is my favorite at the moment). I'd wish to have a Cartier love bracelet someday too but for now this is beyond possible. 

I get inspired by Aimee Song from Song of Style a lot, she always has the best jewelry (in the pictures top right and bottom right and combines them perfectly! Next to hers I would like to have all shown rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces if you don't mind, thank you.


Winter Make-up


The time between the seasons autumn and winter is my time for gold, copper and red. In combination they just feel so comfy and warm, making me think of hot drinks, christmas and candles. On Christmas Eve, I felt like I needed this colors to feel comfortable, so I chose a fluffy ivory-colored knit one piece with a red suede belt (both from Rienda's AW collection 2012) and used warm colors for my make-up. 

Apart from the make-up, these photos show my actual current hair color better for the first time. I colored my hair a very dark-brown in the beginning of the October and haven't regretted it since! 

I will renew my whole blog including the name within the next weeks, so that blogging brings more fun again!